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Christ Fellsattel Fur Saddle Iberica Plus


Christ Fellsattel Fur Saddle Iberica Plus


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Product Description

 e l l s a t t e l " I b e r i c a P l u s " T h e S p a n i s h - s t y l e  b a r e b a c k  r i d i n g p a d .



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  • Lambskin saddle with medically tanned lambskin
  • Including composite foam pads for upholstery
  • In two colors:  Brown-Nature and Black-Anthracite (Dark Grey)
  • Two different seat sizes Small for jean sizes up to Aus 12 and Regular for jean sizes Aus 12 - 16
  • Medicinal tanned lambskin from good animal husbandry
  • Particularly gentle to horse skin


For relaxed and super comfortable riding. The Christ lambskin saddle Iberica Plus is made of medically tanned lambskin and because of its anatomical shape is extremely comfortable fit for the horse and rider. So that riding is fun for your horse and you.

It has a baroque shape, but is also very suitable for dressage and versatility or gymnastics riding à la Branderup and Co. For me, he is THE all-rounder among the lambskin saddles. Very comfortable thanks to the slits, the square shape and a woolen height of approx. 30 mm. 

With the integrated foam inserts, you can pad the Iberica fur saddle to protect the back of your horse. Personally I have it in the color "black" and love it very much. It is a compromise between riding pad and saddle, because it has a small extra padding through the lambskin. 

TIP: If you want a color or size that is not in the assortment, please let us know, then we will get your desired product as soon as possible. Individual wishes are also possible with Christ.

Wool and lambskin in summer?

Many think yes that lambskin is just something for the winter. Because it's so fluffy. Lambskin and wool have a temperature-compensating function. Since a lamb also carries his coat all year round and has hot days and cold nights and nature has developed its fur. In the summer, it is so soft on the skin and you can ride even in shorts on your lambskin saddle. For your horse it means that the sweat is absorbed and sucked off by the coat, which makes it more comfortable on the skin when riding.

In winter it is different. The lambskin warms. How does this work? Have you ever seen a sheep sweat? Nature is already quite clever. Especially in New Zealand and Australia - where the sheep live - it is often cold at night and warm during the day. This is the best proof that the lamb skins warm when it is cool and air-conditioned when it is warm.

Proper care with the brush

Put your lambskin section to dry and ventilate over the fence or saddle stand or whatever is convenient. Then you can take care of your horse while your lamb skin dries slowly. Once it is dry, brush it well with the brush. Christ make a special brush made for lambskin for optimum care.

HERE you can see the special brush from Christ

How to Wash

Due to the special tanning at Christ, washing is no problem at all. You can actually put your lamb skin in the washing machine. Approximately every 2-3 months depending on the frequency of use.

You just have to remove everything attached, so that nothing can rub during washing. Also the composite foam inserts, the pad and the fabrics. You can take it apart with the existing zipper and put it together again after washing. So the lamswood "saddle" fits easily into the washing machine. 

Important: Take a good lamb skin detergent, not just your wool detergent. Otherwise the leather can break.

A good detergent you get for example HERE

Then you can either put your lambskin part in the dryer (up to 40 degrees) to dry or hang it up. Due to the movement in the dryer, it is better for the leather than the pure air drying. You can also hang it in the shade and let it air dry.

Whilst drying it helps to "Walken" the sheepskin gently to soften and help the leather to retain its shape. This prevents the leather fibres hardening and to remain flexible.

Walken - how does it work?

Just look for a table or chair with a hard square edge and pull the lambskin with the leather side towards the edge of the table several times along the edge. If you do it again and again in the drying process, your lambskin remains beautiful in shape.


Although it is called "saddle", the Christ Iberica Plus does not have a tree. You can fix stirrups. However to avoid pressure points we reccomend that a Bareback pad is used under the saddle which allows doe spinal clearance to avoid pressure points. 

Remember - riding without stirrups helps you on the way to a balanced seat. The lambskin saddles are simply perfect.

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