Saddle Pads

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1" thick Felt Pad 32" x 31"
1" thick felt pad 32" x 31" with vented holes along the back Fantastic pad for endurance or trail riders Comes with wear leathers on the sides.
Back Relief Western Pad
As heat builds under your saddle pad this ergonomically correct, foam liner will contour to your horses back. The vent holes allow for the ventilation of steam and heat under the saddle. This extremely lightweight, Back Relief Western Pad works to...
Contour Gel Pad Black
Contour Gel Pad Black The “contour” is in the unique construction along the horse’s spine, delivering exceptional fit and reduces slipping and saddle roll. Te contoured gel is strategically positioned at critical pressure points within the saddle...
Contoured Felt Pad
Made of heavy 3/4" black quilted felt. This pad is contoured to fit the horse’s back. Ventilated spine for air circulation. Bound in heavy nylon. 33" x 33" An ideal pad for everday extremely comfortable for the horse. "
Countour Pad with Bar Pads
This black felt contour pad is shaped to fit correctly to your horses back. The bar pads are specifically designed to be long enough and wide enough to give full saddle bar coverage and eliminate bar pressure from your saddle. A fabulous pad to keep...
Cut Back Built up Fleece Lined Saddle Pad
Hand Woven Cut Back with built up front for high withered horses. Fully fleece lined 32" x 32" with wear leathers. Check for colours available when ordering Imp USA
Cut Back Raised Front Pad 30" x 30"
Long wearing top, fiber filling and saddle fleece bottom. Added material in front and cut back to help keep saddle off the withers of high withered horses. An excellent pad for high withered or hard to fit horses. Wear leathers. Assorted colors....
Delux Double Fleece Pad with Girth Strap Loops - Washable - Imp
A Delux Double thickness Natural colour Fleece Pad. A generous cut to allow fit to most saddles. Comes complete with girth and strap loops to maintain position The double thick fleece is designed to wick moisture away from your horses back and ...
Felt Saddle Pad
These black saddle pads are 31" x 32" in size and 1" thick and have a generous layer of neoprene securely locked between an inner and outer layer of felt with a large vent in center on the backline.
Kool Back Saddle Pad 30' x 30'
An Old favourite is Back. The original Kool Back Pad. Heavy quality saddle fleece sewn over a 3/4" heavy felt core, then quilted for long life. Affordable and long wearing. Black. 30" x 30". Other colours can be ordered if requested.

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